We love giving wine bottles a second life. We also love giving our candles another life, we can refill your Wine Candle once it's come to the end of its current life. Again and again and again. Choose your favourite fragrance every time, or try something new. You could discover a new favourite. Please contact us to arrange refills.

Once your candle has reached the end of its life, you'll notice there is still wax remaining in the base of the candle around the wick. The amount of unburned wax depends on the size of the punt (the indent) in the base that most bottles have.

If you fill your candle with boiling water the wax will melt. As the water cools, the wax will set and you'll be able to pop the wax out of the candle. You can use this wax as a wax melt for an added extra benefit from your Wine Candle. Depending on the amount of wax, you may need to repeat the process to release all the wax around the punt.