Let’s talk about the melt pool! 💦⁣

Let’s talk about the melt pool! 💦⁣

No, I’m not talking about a swimming pool! 🏊🏻 🏊‍♂️ 🏊🏻‍♀️ The melt pool is a candle’s melted wax. ⁣

🤗It's super important to allow a full “edge-to-edge” melt pool the first time you burn your candle.⁣

⭐️This ensures a clean, even burn all the way down - this maximises your candle’s life.⁣

🌪️If the first burn is too short the candle will only burn down the middle leaving wax on the side, creating a “tunnel” which deepens each time you light your candle. This shortens your candle’s life.⁣

✨How long it takes to achieve a full melt pool depends on the size of the candle. Most Wine Candles will take something like 3-4hrs.⁣

🌙Make sure you light your candle early enough in the day or evening to allow it to reach a full melt pool. Don’t light your candle late in the evening because it’s unlikely you’ll reach a full melt pool!⁣

📸 In these photos you’ll see —⁣
1. The lit candle hasn’t reached a full melt pool⁣
2. The snuffed out candle is reset, you’ll see the wax still on the sides and a tunnel has started⁣
3. The re-lit candle continues to tunnel which wastes wax and shortens the candle’s life⁣

💕Hope this is a great tip for you and helps you enjoy your Wine Candles for longer.🍷 Please ask if you have any questions, I’d love to answer them!🙋‍♀️